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Written By:
Ceara Crawshaw
Benoît Meunier

2:54 As a user of a bizarre device management software, I must comprehend how devices were renamed and grouped.

Jerry wants to know if there are any data visualizations for displaying the n-n mapping of input names to output names. There is a huge issue here because any given set of items can be mapped to any other set of objects. We made a lot of guesses and had a few different ideas, like whether or not we could utilize a graphical user interface to depict diffs (show the differences between two versions of a file) and organize a data table into categories with an tree-based navigation. Entity resource diagrams were also looked at, but they weren’t designed to scale in any practical sense.

We weren’t sure if a workflow was involved, either, but we think that filtering and sorting will be critical to this experience. We use cards components housed in a dynamic canvas component to implement a workaround for the issue. There may be a brief summary and the option to extend and delve deeper into the connections, much like in org chart software for example.

The P&P crew swarms around UX problems from all around the world, and the narrative thread between them. They are all UX problems that happen in enterprise software. With minimal context, we work on the problem as a team, apply our advanced interaction expertise and come up with a solution (a hypothesis on solving the problem 😛). It’s like looking over the shoulder of someone at work, but better!