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Written By:
Ceara Crawshaw
Benoît Meunier

4:25 As a teacher of a LMS system, I want to apply multiple actions to students in predictable manner so that I can complete my workflow.

There are too many bulk actions and cards atop the data table in Samuel B.’s LMS, making it difficult to maintain and scale.

We, Ceara and Benoit, devised a solution by first proposing the use of a lead space at the top of the screen to visually separate and contain the topic of the page.

Then, to allow the user to do one action at a time, we recommend placing the most important actions at the end of the rows and using an overflow menu for the rest. Then, for the buttons above the data table, we use the same prioritisation and include a drop-down menu for more options for the multi selection interaction.

We also proposed a feature that allows teachers to change the primary actions. To assist people, we also implemented keyboard shortcuts.

This is the short video version summarizing the key UX gold of our full design session on YouTube.

The P&P crew swarms around UX problems from all around the world, and the narrative thread between them. They are all UX problems that happen in enterprise software. With minimal context, we work on the problem as a team, apply our advanced interaction expertise and come up with a solution (a hypothesis on solving the problem 😛). It’s like looking over the shoulder of someone at work, but better!