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Design Projects

The full design process

Your platform, user needs, goals and pain points are unique. We understand and have a robust methodology for creating the best design solutions for you.

Anatomy of a design project

Our Design process for UX design projects

Although each UX design projects are unique, they all follow the same basic process to get your product to the finish line.

Discovery2-12 weeks

We use discovery to ‘unlock’ the design phase.
At the end of this phase, we will:

  • Agree on project goals.
  • Know precisely what we’re building (defined scope).
  • Know who we’re building it for.
  • Know how we’re going to approach the problem.
Design2-12 weeks

This is our bread and butter. At the end of this phase, we will:

  • Have interactive prototypes.
  • Have user testing validation.
  • Have final high fidelity UI designs, ready for developers.
  • Have collaborated with developers to mitigate feasibility risks.
Implementation2-12 weeks

We support your developers throughout implementation. We can provide:

  • Logic documentation, helper interaction documentation.
  • Creation of unforeseen flows.
  • Supplementary research.
  • UX quality assurance.

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