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We’re striding ahead at breakneck speed in all aspects of life these days. Maybe every era has >felt that way to those living in it, but we have a very clear gage for the speed of present day evolution: the advancement of technology. What was a novel and even life-saving tool on discovery, may now be a frustration, a joke, or completely obsolete in today’s workflows. We start off our Show & Share today talking about physical tech like the flopp disc, and the seemingly ancient use of the fax machine (some of you, especially those in healthcare and legal, know that this practice is still very much alive). But what we really wanted to get a handle on today was what UX design trends and tendencies we’re ready to shut the door on, once and for all.

Shutting the door on UX design trends that no longer serve us? We’re ready! Let’s go.

Okay, we admit. This Show & Share was even more mellow and conversational then most. But conversations like this are what spark ideas and new considerations for our team and for those who tune in. The crew at P&P already knows how we feel about bad table UX (no need to ask us how we really feel on this point), but getting together to talk about what ‘bad’ table UX looks like helps all of us improve our craft. Even as experts on the subject, there will always be more to learn. In this chat we span a few other topics as well, from UX practices that we unanimously agree are a thing of a past, to more forward-thinking UX challenges that have yet to be solved but are sitting on a near horizon.

What we’d really like to know, is what design trends you’re ready to trash? Reach out and give us more conversation fodder, or join us on a future Show & Share!