Why we BioTech

We believe that BioTech represents the best of human ingenuity.

We help companies bridge these amazing advances with human centred design – a perfect combination.

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Why Us?

We have the deep technical expertise that BioTech requires.

Not every design company can work effectively in the biotech space, often domain complexity and other factors can hinder progress. Here’s why pencil and paper is positioned to excel.

Making things easy

We’re specialists on making very rich complex software into something you don’t need a PhD to use.

Handling complexity

We have the ability to understand exceedingly complex domains – like genomics.

Navigating regulation

We know about the rules that apply in the sector and how to apply them in our design.

It’s a familiar story

The Tale of the Legacy Software

Chapter 1

Once upon a time, there was a software. Although it was used a lot, it took a lot of effort to learn the logic that it used.

Chapter 2

Its tech and its look was in a rut! Using it felt like the software wanted to punish you.

Chapter 3

And sometimes this confusing interface even caused people to make unnecessary errors.

Chapter 4

Along came the Pencil & Paper crew, and used the power of design to transform the software!

Chapter 5

With their help, the software became easier to use, simpler to understand, and better organized.

Chapter 6

Users now spent less time getting mad, calling support and being blocked by their tool.

Chapter 7

The software was given new life, continued to work with its users rather than fight against them and they all worked cooperatively ever after.

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Do you have a BioTech product that needs some love?

We are a UX/UI design agency for: bioinformatics, lab portals, LIMS, patient portals, practice management tools, diagnostic data visualization tools, data pipeline tools, dental software, etc.

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Their ability to quickly get up to speed, understand things so clearly from a user perspective and rapidly iterate ideas makes for a collaborative environment that always results in a better product than we originally anticipated.

Alex LeducCEO of Mortgauge