Design SOS Course

Minimum viable UX design skills for product people.

Learn how to diagnose UX issues, UI fundamentals and improve interactions, so you can get instant product improvement this sprint.

  • 25+ course videos of foundational content, live clickable examples & explanations of the rationale
  • 9 checklists to quickly integrate into your workflow
  • 20+ product examples of theoretical ideals, heavy on visual examples to support principles
  • Figma file access to all course content


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Masterclass Series: UX Patterns Package

Join the crew for juicy UX patterns: Enterprise filters, Data Tables, Interaction States and Loading.

Each of these masterclasses goes beyond our original in-depth articles, citing more examples, use cases and tricks!


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UX Pattern Masterclass on Data Tables

Join your hosts, Fanny Vasliatos and Ceara Crawshaw for this use-case packed masterclass on Data tables. In addition to the visual examples found in our famous UX pattern article on data tables, this masterclass add even more concrete examples, tips and answers tough questions from the audience.👏

💪 Arm yourself with the knowledge you need to make your next data table experience come to life! ✨📊🤓


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