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Interaction Design For Enterprise Software
Elevate interactions in your product. You’ll gain a new outlook, adopt better standards and solidify decision-making - giving you confidence in your product’s behaviour going forward.
$250 USD
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Introduction to UX for Teams
This UX course is intended to help software and technical teams understand User Experience at a high level.
$75 USD
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UX Pattern Package Masterclass Series
Join the crew for juicy UX patterns: Enterprise filters, Data Tables, Interaction States and Loading.
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UX Heuristic Report Template Kit
Spend your time and life force actually doing your heuristic evaluation, rather than endless visual fiddling.
$79 USD
$59 USD
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Table UX Audit Checklist
Do a mini UX audit on your table views & find your trouble spots with this free guide.
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Design SOS
Minimum viable UX design skills for product people.
$299 USD

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