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What are research partnerships

We collaborate with large research firms to help bring a human voice to some of their research work. Often times quantitative research can sometimes make us ask ‘why’ – which requires more human centred insight. This is where Pencil & Paper comes in. Using our user-centred interviewing techniques as well as usability testing toolkit, we enrich quantitative research and present a variety of real people’s perspectives.

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We love to research…

New technology adoption in the mainstream related to:

  • Voice interactions
  • Driveless cars
  • Cannabis adoption
  • Green energy
  • Hardware devices
  • Virtual or augmented reality

Trends, behaviours, attitudes related to:

  • Fintech products
  • Biotech – genomics, agriculture, cannabis, and more.
  • Employee experience – onboarding, recruitment, mergers and acquisitions, change in management, innovation cycles and more.
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