Senior UX/UI Designer – Parental Leave Cover 12 mos

🍁 Canada
🏡 Remote
🤸‍♀️ Great crew

Parental Leave Cover – 12 months*

Pencil and Paper is a user experience design company that works on complex products (in the domains of Biotech, Fintech etc). Our long term vision is to set the standards and best practices of User Experience design in complex industries and increase people’s cognitive potential in their work and life. 

We’re looking for an experienced enterprise UX designer who has the desire to dig in and solve difficult problems in complex domains and enterprise software contexts. This person has a well-rounded design portfolio and a nice balance between UX complexity wrangling and UI/interaction chops. 

Because we build design systems and make complicated worlds as simple as possible, our ideal candidate can oscillate between the details of hairy problems and the holistic viewpoint of the user’s experience. All along the learning/iterating process, this person is building up design patterns, logical frameworks and pragmatic solutions to problems.

We’re not just a design studio, we’re also developing our hybrid business model. We’re developing products including courses, templates and tools for product people working in the enterprise software world. We’re learning firsthand what product market fit really means. This role would also have significant involvement with this part of the business.


This is a dynamic, interesting and supportive startup environment. As such, your mission will be to push the business forward in all sorts of ways. 


Our philosophy on team environment

We believe that kindness, candour and humour facilitate an excellent workplace. When you mix these attributes with interested and conscientious team members, you enjoy being at work and your work quality is high.

These things are all part of having high standards for our work and ourselves. This doesn’t mean striving for perfection, but excellence in what we do. We are balanced between being human-centred and being pragmatic. We think that you can tap into your curiosity and joyfulness to deliver your best work, and we aim to facilitate your growth.

A key part of how we operate is around collaboration, we build off one another to make something greater than any individual person could do alone. This is the power of our collective knowledge base. 

In order to tap into this, you need to leave your ego at the door. There’s no such thing as a rude genius at P&P .


Why work at P&P?

We support our employees in all the ways we can as a young company. One of the greatest perks of this job is you’ll never be bored with tedious work, meaningless tasks, or unending ‘UX is worthwhile’ battles. We have a proven track record of fascinating design work that melts your brain and ignites your creativity. 🚀


What you’ll do in this role

  • Create low fidelity design deliverables that could include site structure, flows, wireframes using whimsical 
  • Create figma prototypes to a high standard (required by design systems)
  • Create personas, user journeys, presentations etc
  • Manage client projects independently, including relationships and timelines
  • Documentation: well thought out rationale expressed in the appropriate way ex. diagrams, flows, screens, slides, etc.
  • Manage your backlog
  • Build internal processes, training & standards
  • Dig into technical and subject matter detail, learn quickly and apply multiple sets of logic to your design work
  • Writing long form content (in English)
  • ‘Scrubbing in’ in this startup environment 


Our ideal fit

  • Keen on enterprise complexity, logic and systems thinking
  • Conscientious and reasonable
  • An excellent listener, observer and collaborator
  • Sense of humour
  • Very proactive in communicating details around timelines, scope & deadlines (to fit with our asynchronous workflow)
  • Someone who balances user needs, business motivations and feasibility very well
  • Someone who enjoys capturing details and making documentation
  • Someone who can figure things out and get things done


Abilities & Skills 

  • The right to work in 🍁 Canada 
  • An eye for optimization, client management and efficiency 
  • Observing and being curious 
  • Leadership qualities including the ability to engage, motivate, incorporate others’ ideas and give effective design feedback
  • Superior communication skills with the ability to develop great relationships with both colleagues and clients
  • Solid information architecture, interaction design, and visual design skills
  • Ability to communicate design ideas and prototypes, even when they are conceptual 
  • Experience managing teams, delegating work and motivating others a bonus
  • Minimum 4+ years of experience as a UX designer with a strong UX portfolio
  • Design tools: Figma, Whimsical, Pencil & Paper 😉

Steps to apply 

  • 💬 Tell us why this particular job and our brand resonates with you in a page or less 
  • 📄 Attach your CV (link or PDF) plus any other relevant links (ex. Blog or side project)
  • 🔗 Point us to your portfolio 
    • If your portfolio is not shareable, the alternative is a half-page description of 3 different design projects, written in a way that is free of IP or identifying information.
  • 💌 Email 

👋 Thank you for applying to work with us!



*Quick note: it’s very likely that this parental leave cover will turn into a full-time permanent position.