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Pencil and Paper

What do we think about when we’re presented with a UX problem? Boy – quite a lot! A flood of information comes to mind… how have I seen this done before? What kind of technical limitations exist? What will be intuitive to the user? What’s the fastest way? What’s the cheapest way? What will generate delight? Phew! There’s a lot to consider. Thank goodness we’ve got a whole hive-mind driving the decision-making at P&P! We thought it would be fun to add a little more fuel to that fire and do a rapid fire swarm to see how many UX problems we could solve on this month’s live. 4 UX experts in under 40 minutes – how many do you think we were able to solve? Watch the live now to find out.

Spoiler alert: As always, context is everything. 

Spoiler alert #2: We are fans of the democratic process. 🤪

Topics we tackle:

Popup blocker issue – showing system status – see improving microinteractions for more

Data table empty state – See empty state article and table patterns article 

Selection states and behaviour for a dashboard graph – See dashboard pattern article here 

UX Microcopy required for an update moment in a data table – see table data pattern article here