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Written By:
Ceara Crawshaw
Benoît Meunier

3:36 As a developer who pushes builds, I want to know where I am, so that I can troubleshoot my deploys.

Jasper is inquiring about long generated string page titles, which can be difficult to manage. Benoît and Ceara were discussing how to deal with this situation, as well as how to give people cues to assure them of their location and that they are on the right track. They decided that truncation would be the best approach, with breadcrumbs remaining to show where users are now and, in some cases, how they got there. They were also curious about the unusual title and how it was created.

Truncation is introduced as the breadcrumb grows horizontally, and tooltips are used to keep the meaning somewhere on the page. It is critical to consider the structure of the naming convention as well as the core details of the data when truncating. I hope that this solution will provide others with rationale and logic for why breadcrumbs should be present.

This is the short video version summarizing the key UX gold of our full design session on YouTube.

The P&P crew swarms around UX problems from all around the world, and the narrative thread between them. They are all UX problems that happen in enterprise software. With minimal context, we work on the problem as a team, apply our advanced interaction expertise and come up with a solution (a hypothesis on solving the problem 😛). It’s like looking over the shoulder of someone at work, but better!