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Written By:
Pencil and Paper

Swarming yet again! This time we’re talking about filtering on a dashboard populated by widgets. The question was one we pulled from UX Stack Exchange, asking how one might integrate a global filtering system on top of preexisting widget-specific filters which offer the same filtering options. To add a bit more complexity, some of the widgets should not have any filtering applied. So, how do the two filtering systems interact and/or complement one another? How do you ease the user’s cognitive load in using these two filtering systems efficiently? The crew at P&P is well versed in filtering pattern theory when it comes to all manner of Enterprise UX. We put three expert design brains together to come up with our collaborative solution. And guess what? We solved it! Of course, along the way we found ourselves keeping each other to task, riffing on each other’s components and concepts, and checking one another’s assumptions – all the best parts of swarming a UX problem as a team. We think we’re getting pretty good at these swarmin’ things 😏 – what do you think?

Psst, don’t be alarmed by the quick cameo from a dismembered corpse. Yes, we’re serious. No, no one was harmed during this swarm.