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Written By:
Ceara Crawshaw
Benoît Meunier

3:29 As a user who needs to manage documents, I’d like to know what actions are and aren’t available when using filters, so I’m not surprised when I can’t.

Cath raises the issue of how to inform users that they are unable to use the drag-and-drop interaction to reorder their documents when filters are in place, and this is this week’s DEV Problem of the Week.

We solve this problem immediately after the user begins acting. The less work people must do before realizing it was in vain, the better. When users hover over that drag’n drop element, we display a basic UI tooltip informing them that drag and drop is not permitted when filtering. We didn’t do it in a dialog window, on a toast or on the screen because revealing too much about people too soon can be… irritating.

This is the short video version summarizing the key UX gold of our full design session on YouTube.

The P&P crew swarms around UX problems from all around the world, and the narrative thread between them. They are all UX problems that happen in enterprise software. With minimal context, we work on the problem as a team, apply our advanced interaction expertise and come up with a solution (a hypothesis on solving the problem 😛). It’s like looking over the shoulder of someone at work, but better!