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Written By:
Ceara Crawshaw
Benoît Meunier

3:15 As an enterprise software user, I want to be reassured that my inputs are accurate so that I can execute my job properly.

Jason is unsure how to display feedback messages in an editable data grid. The problem statement is that, as an enterprise software user, they want to know that their inputs are correct so that they can do their job properly.

The solution is to treat the input like a form inside a table, with validation. We must ensure that it is fast and well-suited for keyboard input. There are a variety of states that we’ve mapped out, including empty, filled, processing or loading, successful, and unsuccessful with a recommendation. Our approach sought to reassure the user that the system is active and processing their input. The most critical information is that the current error state is displayed as an icon on the input itself, along with explanations of what went wrong, why, and what to do to fix it.

This is the short video version summarizing the key UX gold of our full design session on YouTube.

The P&P crew swarms around UX problems from all around the world, and the narrative thread between them. They are all UX problems that happen in enterprise software. With minimal context, we work on the problem as a team, apply our advanced interaction expertise and come up with a solution (a hypothesis on solving the problem 😛). It’s like looking over the shoulder of someone at work, but better!