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Written By:
Pencil and Paper

Ever wondered how it looks when you get 4 design brains working in step on a single UX problem? P&P grabbed a question from the UX Stack Exchange and swarmed it as a team to see what kind of results we could produce on a short timeline with multiple UX nerds in the room. 

Building forms: How might we implement an ‘apply default to all’ checkbox?

The problem we grabbed from the Exchange was related to a form-filling experience where the user has the option to apply a default data set to all form entries. Spoiler alert: without contextual information, it’s easy to lose sight of the overall goal of a UX problem like this. But, our team was able to put forth several explorations and realign for a final collaborative swarm (skip to 45:11 to see a classic Figma design swarm – equal parts stressful and productive). 


That last push resulted in our final solution which we present in a clickable prototype along with the original question at 50:26. Assumptions were made, data was fudged – and in the end the best outcome was being reminded that each of us bring different concerns, views and ideas to the table. This variance serves to raise potential implications much quicker than a single design brain could fathom or surface them solo. The bottom line? Teamwork and iteration are key, and the context of a problem is king.

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