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Your Complex Enterprise Product Deserves An Excellent User Experience

We help companies facilitate their users to get their work done more efficiently and surface the right data at the right time.

Why Us?

We thrive working on complex subject matter and making interactions as simple as possible.

Comfortable with Complexity

Users have complex workflows which happen on various timescales – we know how to capture that and translate it into usable software.

Outside Perspective

We help companies see the possibilities for their software to be better than ever (because it’s new to us).

Information Architects

Organizing the information in your product is key to an intuitive experience – we excel at quickly understanding new contexts and collaborating to organize it (on the micro and macro level).

We can’t broadcast our work in this sphere, but these are the types of work we’ve been doing in this space:

  • Merging multiple products into a cohesive user experience.
  • Creating different versions of the same interface for different roles (administrator, Creator, etc).
  • Creating permission models (in collaboration with technical teams).
  • Collaborating on AI (artificial intelligence) models.
  • Efficiency interactions (batching actions, keyboard shortcuts, saving search queries)
  • Table View optimization (rich table functionality).
  • Interactions for: grouping, matching, & ordering items.
Find out when its time to redesign

Sound like a familiar story?

Once Upon a Time…

Chapter 1

There was a well established software. As time went on, it began to lose its relevance in the industry - and started to miss out on new opportunities as a result.

Chapter 2

The learning curve for users was quite steep - and it included quite a few workarounds that weren’t well documented.

Chapter 3

Users continuously lost time and wasted precious brain power deciphering the software’s behaviour.

Chapter 4

The software team wanted to help, but they were drowning in technical debt and confusion caused by inconsistencies in designs and code.

Chapter 5

Pencil and Paper to the rescue! With what felt like magic, they were able to create a scalable and easy to maintain system that the users loved.

Chapter 6

Thanks to experienced designers, our well established software finally had the modern look and performance it took to maintain the competitive edge it worked so hard to get.

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What I view as one of Pencil & Paper's biggest strengths is their ability to grasp complex process flows and anticipate how it would affect each stakeholder so that we never lose sight of the bigger picture.

Alex LeducCEO at Mortgauge

"They redesigned a tricky flow and created a great user-centred design for our FinTech startup!"

Matthew SmithCEO at DivDot